Sunday, 15 December 2013


Looking for a book that takes you across the pond? Excited about the Royal Baby's First Christmas? Interested in all things British? Well have you come to the right place jolly ol' sport. 

As Americans, we hold some sort of fascination the English. One way we can indulge our English sweet tooth is through YA Lit. This list contains the perfect blend of Jack the Ripper, Victorian Times, Espionage and Steampunk info.

 So whether you're planning on taking a trip there (which I highly suggest), just getting back from spending time there and looking to fill the void (guilty after my summer semester abroad) or just an Anglophile, this list is for you!! Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit (cookie for those of us who aren't familiar with English phrases) and enjoy.

Doherty. Berlie Dear Nobody 
Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Girl’s life changes forever when she learns she is pregnant. This is the story of two teens, Helen and Chris, told from their viewpoints in letters to the unborn baby, after their lives are forever changed by one event. 

Bowler, Tim Buried Thunder 
14 year old Maya and her family have restored Rowen Tree Hotel. However, Maya soon begins to feel like eyes are always watching her and she can’t shake the feeling like someone is following her every move from the woods next to the place. Is she letting the isolated English countryside get to her or is there someone, or something, that lurks in the old town? 

Briant, Ed Choppy Socky Blues
Having a dad who’s a major movie stuntman is something most kids would dream to have. Every kid that is, except for Jason who’s dad is a stuntman, a liar and left his family behind him. Not wanting to grow up and be like his deadbeat dad, Jason does everything he can to distance himself from the man, including giving up his number one love: Karate. That is until he meets someone who may be able to change his mind. 

(Book #1 of the Steampunk Chronicles) 
Finley Jane has always known that there was something wrong with her, something wrong and dark inside of her, something she can’t figure out. Alone on the streets, she is found by a band of misfits who are just like her. A group of people trying to solve a ring of criminal activity. Finley must figure out how wide this ring stretches, who she can really trust and just what kind of dark magic flows through her veins. 

Enthoven, Sam The Black Tattoo
Imagine waking up one morning and discovering you have superpowers. Imagine those superpowers are actually the result of a demon possessing you. This is exactly what happens to Charlie when he wakes up one morning. Now it is up to his best friend Jack to save him and stop him from destroying the world. 

Christopher is a 15 year old boy with autism who loves patterns, rules, riddles and learning all the countries in the world. When his neighbor’s dog dies, he takes this as his opportunity to solve the mystery surrounding the death. Modeling his approach after his favorite sleuth, Sherlock Holmes, Christopher takes the case into his own hands.

Gray, Keith Ostrich Boys
After the death of their best friend, three boys decide to honor his memory and take his ashes on 261 mile road trip from England to Scotland. Kenny, Sim and Blake set out on the adventure of a lifetime and realize the true meaning of friendship while dodging police, train schedules, girls and finding out what really happened to their friend. 

Johnson, Maureen The Name of the Star 
(Book #1 of the Shades of London Trilogy
Sent off to boarding school in the heart of London, Rory Deveaux is a long way from her  Lousiana home. The day also marks the start of a series of brutal murders taking place on the very same streets in London. Modeled Jack the Ripper, these attacks leave citizens and authorities confused and without any leads. Except for the lead coming from Rory, who swears she saw a man fitting the description. A man who no one else has seen except for her. A man who has decided she is to be his next target. 

(Book #1 of The Agency series) 
At 17 years old, Mary Quinn is set to be hung from the gallows. Instead, she is offered the chance of a lifetime: to get an education and become part of an undercover, all girl spy squad called The Agency. Taking on this task, Mary finds herself undercover in a rich merchant’s house and investigating some shady things. Things which lead her to question who to trust, what is the truth and how dangerous are the dangerous deceptions. 

McGowan, Jennifer Maid of Secrets  
(Book #1 of the Maids of Honor
One of the things never mentioned in history books is about the female spies housed in Queen Elizabeth’s Court. 17 year old Meg Fellowes , a former thief, is one of these women. When a mysterious Spanish man appears one day, Meg is lead on a series of adventures where danger lurks in every corner. It’s up to her to use her brain and figure out all the secrets, scandals and murder plots in the Castle.

Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
(Book #1 0f the Harry Potter Series) 
If you haven't read this book and are looking to know what it is about, leave this blog and go pick it up. Like right now, go!! There are no words to describe the magical, British and fantastic masterpiece this series is. And don't cheat and watch the movies. Save that for after when you want to continue on in the wizarding world and have your mind re-blown. 

Shepard, Megan The Madman’s Daughter 
(Book #1 of The Madman's Daughter Triology. Book #2, Her Dark Curiosity, will be released this January) 
After a scandal involving her father, who is believed to be dead, and her mother’s death, 16 year old Juliet has managed to survive on the streets of London. Working as a maid in a medical college, she must look after herself, fight off the advances of the professors and try to keep a low profile. It isn’t until she runs into a former servant, a crush, that she embarks on the journey of a lifetime to find her father. A journey that leads to finding a stranded mystery man, an island full of human/animal hybrids and her father, as well as the depths of his madness that ran him out of London in the first place. 

(Part of the Adrian Mole series) 
Nothing seems to be going right for Adrian Mole. The love of his life has moved away, his creepy neighbor always seems to be around looking for his mom and no one seems to pay attention to him. Plagued by all the trials and tribulations that go along with being 13 and 3/4 years old, Adrian just feels like he is getting lost in the crowded and just wants his voice to be heard. This is his loud story which forces people to pay attention to the poor guy.